Our Team

At TRM our teams operate together on a daily basis tackling client’s technical challenges, sharing new solutions, methods and techniques as well as identifying areas where we can offer a potential “Return on Investment.” Our aim is creating innovation capital for any work that the customer may require.  While we are mainly outcome focused, some customers only seek skilled capacity and we are more than able to accommodate those needs.  Our Practice leads help map out work plans and detailed levels of effort to achieve that outcome.  We provide clients with fixed priced quotes as well as time and material quotes to achieve their desired outcomes.

TRM Technologies Inc. operates as a mid-tier integrator.

What does that mean?  When we engage customers we ask question like: "What problems are challenging you?", and "What are your current pain points?" or simply "How can we help?"

Sales team

Seasoned, capable, knowledgeable Account Executives that understand what is required to help clients obtain the support and solutions they need to help achieve the success and outcomes they’re seeking.  More importantly they understand how best to navigate TRM and who to leverage for what.

Resource Management

The team understands the nuances of our clientele and can help or consultants navigate the ever changing landscape of their respective procurement process, security clearances, HR or Procurement policy.


Our head of Finance makes sure customers are billed accurately and in a timely fashion and does the same for our consultants, insuring they are paid and kept appraised of their current contracts.

Bid Team

The team has been outstanding for many years, its tools and processes are legendary within the community, as they have been honed by the best in the business for many years.

Practices Leads

This is a team of seasoned professional, recognized as trusted advisors within the industry, and specialists in their respective fields. Strong technical practitioners, they are capability of communicating and influencing from within their technical community, and all the way to the Executive levels. The Practice leads are capable of taking the lead within their own discipline, or sharing the work with other subject matter experts that bring value to the end deliverable, and increase the value of the outcome or product.

For example sometimes a diagram of a “concept of operations” from our EA practice can bring far more clarity to a complex platform than a thousand words.

If you have a need or requirement to connect with any of the following practitioners please feel free to contact us:

John Lark

Security Practice Lead:
Peter English

Peter English

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
Practice Lead

Privacy Impact Assessment
Navroze Austin

Security Special Advisor
Roger Tremblay

Social Engineering & Security Awareness
Scott Wright

Physical TRA
Len Babin

Enterprise Architecture
Neil Levette

Todd Lewis

SABA & Technology Architecture
Chris Brown

Adobe AEM Principle Architect
Trevor Ward

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TRM leverages over 20 years of staffing and IT services delivery in supporting all our practices and our clients HR staffing needs.



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