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Practice Lead

Chris Brown

Chris brings over 35 years of experience in data processing and information technology, building a reputation for developing architectural solutions that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. Chris now focuses on designing and delivering architectural solution surrounding the SABA Learning Management System (LMS) and is receiving awards from customers and the IT industry.

SABA & TEchnology Architecture

TRM Technologies, SABA E-Learning practice is the individual group within TRM responsible for providing our customers with Learning Management System (LMS) Solutions on the SABA platform, both in the cloud and behind the firewall. TRM’s E-Learning and Talent Management practice can develop and implement new solutions that will improve the customer user experience in E-Learning. TRM works closely with SABA technical and knowledge based professionals to supply this service to our clients. The TRM professionals can investigate new solutions available through SABA, as well as additional third party technologies. They can also vet the solutions with the stakeholders, and work with the team responsible for the management of the LMS to implement them successfully.

SABA has the full feature set outlined in the 11 Buckets of Extended Enterprise Functionality as defined by Talented Learning, an Extended Enterprise News and Research company.

  1. Corporate Experience
  2. Audience Management
  3. Continuing Education
  4. eCommerce
  5. Mobile
  6. Social
  7. Gamification
  8. Integration
  9. Taxation
  10. Globalization
  11. Reporting and Analytics

If SABA is your current employee LMS (Learning Management System) or TM (Talent Management) suite, and many of you are in this category, it’s hard to find a company or product with better credentials than SABA.

SABA also can support the 5 main types of organizations where Non-employee, Extended Enterprise Learning can be required. There will always be discussion around how many actual types of organizations there are, but we have broken it down to 5 main types, listed below:

  1. Commercial Organizations
  2. e-Commerce Learning organizations
  3. Associations and Member Based Organizations
  4. Public Organizations
  5. Academic Organizations

TRM Technologies' SABA Enterprise E-Learning & Talent Management practice can help you plan and deliver a SABA solution that will meet your expectations by providing an array of services including, but not limited to, those listed below;

  1. Serve as SABA LMS subject matter expert
  2. Develop novel solutions leveraging existing technology to meet client needs, and validate the proposed solutions with the client
  3. Define project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility
  4. Lead project work streams to implement proposed solutions
  5. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to manage project scope and schedule

TRM Technologies' SABA Solutions and implementations / or integrations allow you to maximize scalability and performance within your LMS system and provide for an;

  • Improved quality for new E-Learning initiatives and implementations
  • Innovative approaches leveraging new and proven (existing) technologies
  • Increased system effectiveness for SABA based enterprise wide E-learning and Talent Management based solutions

Robust architectures are program enablers, allowing for addition, expansion and enhancement while eliminating the need to redo for each E-Learning or talent management initiative.

TRM Technologies, Technology Architecture Services is the individual group within TRM responsible for linking computer technology decision making and investments with an organization's technical business strategy and needs.  In order to provide this service, TRM Technologies organizes a consensus of decisions on policies, principles, services, standards, guidelines, and common solutions for the betterment of the client organization. TRM Technologies, Technology Architecture Service Architects can provide responsibility for guiding the process of planning, acquiring, building, modifying, and deploying IT resources for our clients.

In an age of rapidly evolving technology platforms and standards, it is increasingly challenging for organizations to align and integrate IT systems in a way that makes them flexible enough to expand, adapt or enhance while being easy to maintain and at the same time build on the foundation of the organization to allow it to integrate into existing IT capabilities.

TRM Technologies Technology Architecture Services can help you plan and deliver a technology architecture that will meet your expectations while utilizing a principle that looks at “owned” infrastructure first (use what you own) and introduce net new to your organization only when required. TRM technologies custom software implementations and integrations of designed systems allow you to maximize scalability and performance.

Utilizing TRM Technologies Architecture Services will help you, the client, will realize an;

  • Improved quality for new systems development and implementation
  • Innovative approaches leveraging new and proven (existing) technologies
  • Increased system effectiveness for architecture-based solutions

Robust architectures are program enablers, allowing for addition, expansion and enhancement while eliminating the need to redo for each business initiative.


  1. Technology is ever evolving and the pace of this evolution is increasing and has been since the 1980’s; TRM has recognized this and with carefully chosen partnerships with technology practitioners has developed a core group that can adapt existing, or design new, architectures that will meet your business needs.
  2. Our practice brings a breadth and depth of service delivery experience through having provided successful implementations of new and redesigned architectural solutions for both the private sector in Canada and the US and in the Canadian Government Federal Sector over the past 20 years.
  3. TRM has extensive experience providing services to government and chooses its personnel based on their knowledge of government, its policies and its needs.  For example, our practice lead is a lead architect specializing in delivering enterprise architectures and systems that limit the requirement for net new expenditures which in turn reduces the cost of procurement and reduces pressure on the organizations resources training budgets.

Please contact us if you would like more information on the SABA & Technology Architecture options that TRM provides.

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