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Security // Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

Our BCP & DR team helps our clients understand how to sustain the operations of their organization; we help them understand the areas they may be concerned about:

  • Ensuring that your critical business and IT services are available to a level that will not impact your organization’s revenues, reputation and value proposition;
  • making better decisions about where to spend money on IT recovery, resilience and business continuity;
  • ensuring you are meeting the Business Continuity expectations of your clients;
  • being in compliance with public organization regulations and legislation; and
  • doing all this using fewer dollars, people and resources.

TRMs Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery practice strives to apply industry best practices to help you meet these objectives with the following characteristics:

  • Vendor neutral, independent, planning and solutions
  • Our focus is to align your Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery program with your business needs, reducing your total cost of ownership
  • Providing practical, common sense perspective and solutions

We work with you in such a way that you are in control and that the solutions to your Business Continuity, IT Continuity and Disaster Recovery challenges are tied to your business requirements.

We provide a full range of Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery services including:

  • Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Program Development and Implementation
  • Program review, gap assessment and maintenance
  • Business Impact Analysis to define business driven critical business and IT services recovery requirements
  • Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Plan Development, Exercising, Testing and Training
  • IT Fail Over and Recovery Testing
  • Integration with 3rd part service provider incident management, escalation and IT Disaster
  • Recovery Plan activation and recovery management
  • Practical Application of Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery industry best practices and standards

We apply analytical processes to understand your needs and make sure we meet them in the most efficient and logical manner possible, we provide solutions to your problems.

Please contact us if you would like information on the BCP & DR options that TRM provides.

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