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Security // Physical Treat and Risk Assessment

Our team builds and refocuses physical security frameworks which include governance structures, policy suites, personnel and physical security measures, contingency plans, government security plans, training and awareness programs and physical security audits.

It hardly needs saying that enterprises wishing to operate successfully in today’s climate need sound physical security programs which fully align with strategic business goals and IT structures.  TRM delivers these programs through a framework composed of governance; policy suites; personnel, information and physical security measures; critical infrastructure protection; risk management schemes; business continuity and crisis management plans; employee security training and awareness and the audit of review of existing security systems.

Risk management is a key component which crosscuts all components of physical security.  It is more than a sign-off by an executive.  It is an important process where all participants demonstrate astuteness and accountability to make security systems function effectively and beneficially.

Critical infrastructure does not have its sole nexus to nations.  Every organization has a critical subset of its infrastructure without which it could not function.  It is the role of security to identify and protect this infrastructure while acknowledging its criticality.  Few organizations take this approach.

TRM security frameworks are extensible.  As companies, departments and organizations grow, a robust security framework grows easily with business needs.  Today we see more off-site work and a proper security framework is designed to accommodate business activities wherever they must be performed.

We believe that robust security postures create competitive and reputational advantage.  They are business facilitators, showing employees how to securely execute operations and providing indicators of business activities which may be too hazardous to undertake.

TRM provides a comprehensive framework and improves existing systems, delivering them as industry-best.

List of benefits

Strong security frameworks are marketable and can be held up to shareholders and stakeholders as best business practices.

Strong security programs are enablers; protecting business operations and helping business operatives understand limitations.

Governments live in multi-faceted compliance regimes of which security is a major component.  A holistic approach to security plans via complete frameworks aids in achieving compliance.

Our personnel have had long careers in the government and private sector and bring broad perspectives and imaginative solutions to all security challenges.

We use coordinated structures and known methodologies to corporate security programs which minimizes the waste of “security by walking around.”

So why should you engage the TRM team?

Physical and IT security have been converging for decades; TRM has recognized this and produced an integrated offering to suit business needs.  Though new, the physical security practice has been carefully integrated with existing IT practices to leverage all company knowledge to deliver exciting new services.

We have carefully chosen our new practice lead from among many other competent practitioners.  He brings a breadth and depth of service delivery through having provided security solutions to the upper echelons of the Canadian government (Parliament of Canada, Supreme Court) as well as national and international engagements over the past 15 years.

TRM has extensive experience providing services to government and chooses its personnel based on their knowledge of government, its policies and its needs.  For example, our practice lead is a specialist in delivering the Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment Methodology, a requirement of the Policy on Government Security.

The new TRM Physical Security Practice is a service which has been carefully built to meet the security needs of government and the public and private sectors.  Though new to TRM, it is poised to deliver best-in-class physical security services complimented by TRM’s traditional IT security strength.  By integrating existing IT Security strength with a new, experienced security practice team, TRM has created a unique offering for the Ottawa market and beyond.

Please contact us if you would like more information on the Physical TRA options that TRM provides.

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